Grandview Mountain Ranch

129 Woodward Rd.-12.jpg

129 Woodward Road

  • 1,570 Acres

  • 1 Mile Waterfront

  • 2,000 SF Ranch

  • Hay Barn

  • Two Shops

  • Deer Migration Cooridor

1,570 acres land locking Grandview Mountain offer a mile of Palmer Lake waterfront. 820 acre low land section runs 400 head of cattle across 600 acres of cutting and grazing, plus additional 150 acres of irrigated (alfalfa). Upland 750 acres afford additional rangeland, hunting of all 7 upland game birds, deer migration corridor, and endless recreation. Existing 2,000 sf ranch house, hay barn, two shops, 3 pivots, miscellaneous fencing. Multiple building sites for further expansion.