Lawtonwood Estate

4334 W Cramer Street


  • 4 Bedrooms

  • 5 Bathrooms

  • 5,800 Square Feet

  • Schuchart / Dow Construction

  • 1 Acre Lot

  • 3-Car Garage

  • Additional Detached MIL

A Masterpiece of Design and Tranquility -- Historic landscaping and masterful design and construction coalesce in this singular Lawton Wood estate on a shy acre at the edge of Discovery Park. Low-slung Northwest architectural forms create grand, yet enveloping spaces constructed from exquisite native materials, while a classic spring-fed pool and opulent tree house provide languid relaxation and whimsy. Old growth trees and massive boulders define the property, which includes a guesthouse. Indoor/outdoor living at its most majestic!


Sweeping back from a secluded, central entrance and great room, this singular residence embraces its stunning historic landscape, creating a private retreat in the woods that is as much a work of art as it is a highly detailed and masterfully constructed home. Clad in cedar board and baton siding with deep eaves that shelter it from the sun and rain and welcome visitors, the house conveys a sense of modesty and oneness with its surroundings that belies its gracious scale and luxurious finishes. Architecturally, it references many of the forms and influences most associated with the Pacific Northwest – the low-slung volumes of the Coastal Native longhouse, the simple yet profound and unadorned materials and methods of the Arts & Crafts movement, the emphasis on careful siting and the interplay of light and shadow found in Northwest modernism, and the meticulous refinement and detail of Japanese construction techniques.

The words appropriate, organic and timeless immediately come to mind upon first introduction to the residence at 4334 Cramer in Magnolia’s historic Lawton Wood enclave. This is an estate of languid grace and unfussy elegance, evolved to the highest order over generations of stewardship and revision by a series of loving and committed owners. In its current iteration, the home stands as one of the most meticulously crafted, yet relaxed and tranquil homes in the Seattle metropolitan area, rising organically from its exquisite natural surroundings on a shy acre at the entrance to Discovery Park. Despite its location a mere 15 minutes from Downtown Seattle and South Lake Union, this home feels like a country house, with virtually no sightlines to neighbors and an exceptional sense of natural calm and solitude in every aspect. Should its grounds

Detail abounds from the palette of carefully selected and repurposed ship’s timbers that define the house’s structure and order, to the subtle paint finishes that resemble rice paper and unify the public spaces. As the former residence of one of the region’s most admired builders, this house represents the finest work by some of the most talented craftspeople available. From custom light fixtures and metal work to meticulously matched and joined cabinetry, old-world stone masonry to the most subtle of surface finishing, this home is a veritable gallery of fine craftsmanship. It exudes a quiet confidence that relies upon modest forms and material eloquence to create an atmosphere that is timeless and enveloping in its grace and honest luxury.

+ Layout

This is a home that has evolved in both style and scale through its history. Originally constructed as a modest cottage, it has been reimagined into the more grand residence on offer today through a series of carefully envisaged remodels over multiple decades that began with a comprehensive garden plan to facilitate indoor/outdoor living and moved on to the creation of a sublimely unified home of ideal proportion and volume.

Entry to the main house is via a gorgeous fir door that leads into a raised foyer, paved in honed Indian granite and enclosed by an intimate timber frame structure. This space opens into the great room that serves as the home’s formal living area, and offers two stories of light-filled volume, enclosed beneath a vaulted ceiling with exposed structure. High, clerestory windows surround the room and welcome rays of afternoon light, while a grand cast fireplace visually anchors the space. Walls are covered in a delicate finish that resembles rice paper, and the whole central area of the house conveys a distinctly Japanese aesthetic that calms its grand spaces.

The main living room serves as a central axis off of which the home’s three primary living spaces diverge. To the left is the section that contains the original structure, and which has been artfully transformed into a pair of delightful guest suites with views over the surrounding gardens. One bedroom includes a raised antechamber that is ideal for use as a nursery or office.

To the immediate right of the great room, the kitchen is a masterpiece of precise design and craftsmanship, featuring custom maple upper cabinets accented by minimalist lower units finished in a deep charcoal tone with subtle edge detailing that is carried throughout the room. The centerpiece is a 48” Dacor gas range with six burners and double ovens, resting under a massive, custom fabricated hood crafted from stainless steel and steel girders with a quilted stainless backsplash. Counters are soapstone with a raised and beveled edge. An island and casual eating area are anchored by a sculptural fabricated soapstone sink, and can easily accommodate 4-6 people. A 48” SubZero refrigerator with matching wine storage and a Thermador dishwasher round out the appliances, while a vaulted ceiling with low profile spot lighting affords ambient light to go with the under cabinet illumination and custom steel central fixture. All cabinetry is built to a furniture-grade level of finish.

Behind the kitchen is a mudroom and laundry area that is also set up to function as the ultimate spa and staging area for pets. A stunningly detailed powder room with a custom fabricated steel vanity, discreet water closet and custom light fixtures rounds out this section of the house.

A long casual seating area stretches out from the kitchen, with multiple points of access to the patios and swimming pool via French doors that open the room to nature. This is a warm and gracious space with carefully crafted timber framing and a vaulted ceiling finished in natural fir car decking. The room evokes a wide range of sensibilities, from the evolution of native long house forms that were common to Northwest modernism to the simple, fir-lined structures found in the great lodges of the region. Floors are paved in some of the largest slabs of Indian granite ever cut, and an alcove with its own window seat invites hours of reading or gazing.

This section of the house also houses an opulently scaled media room that opens to an outdoor kitchen through a mudroom that contains its own spa retreat. The room combines the strong lines of a long house with the sacred aura of a temple, featuring stunning fir post and beam construction and custom built-ins throughout. With its perfect proportion, low-slung elegance and easy access to the gardens, this is sure to be a favorite retreat.

A third and final area is defined by the master suite, an unrivalled enclave of rest and refreshment that projects into some of the estate’s most beautiful plantings. A long hallway leads down to the master bath and bedroom, illuminated by floor-to-ceiling windows and doors facing the pool. The opposite side of the hall is dedicated to meticulously integrated storage, hidden behind full-height wenge doors with custom bronze hardware and detailing. The master bath is entered through a large, custom-finished dressing room with cabinetry and shelving that matches the low profile wenge casework running through the bath. Custom concrete counters run the perimeter of the bathing area, stepping down to a wide makeup table that sits across from an elegantly sculptural deep soaking tub. The space terminates in a huge shower room with multiple heads and seating options for a regenerative soak.

The master bedroom is spacious and light-filled, surrounded by windows on three sides and featuring a separate seating area under its own vaulted ceiling. Although huge in scale, the room’s carefully devised proportions and outlooks keep it comfortable and inviting – the perfect place for long Sunday mornings over the paper. French doors allow easy access to the patios and pool area, while the room’s distance from the rest of the house ensures absolute tranquility and restfulness.

A 1000 square foot guesthouse sits gracefully above the three-car garage, and is finished to match the main house with vaulted ceilings, a spacious bath and a private balcony off the bedroom. This is a beautifully proportioned and autonomous space that can be adapted for use as a home for extended family, guest quarters, housing for staff, or as a private office for the most industrious professional or executive.


The residence is situated in the middle of some of the most naturalistic and exquisite landscaping to be found in the Seattle area. Giant boulders were brought down from Canada to help define outdoor spaces and blend more recent plantings with the historic landscaping and water features that help define the property. Indeed, tiny ecosystems still exist throughout the property in old tree stumps and in the cracks and shadows of the rocks, providing additional shelter for wildlife and visual interest.

The estate is entered through a private gate and down a graceful path that is sheltered by old growth trees and landscaping that consists of thousands of rare plant species.

This spectacular landscape includes what is considered to be the oldest residential pool in Seattle, and its elegant form and deep blue color makes it the centerpiece of the spectacular multi-generational gardens that surround it and help to define this property. A natural artesian spring feeds waterfalls and a stream that run through the property and out to the Puget Sound, while wildlife can be watched every day, even though Downtown Seattle is but a 15 minute commute away.

A later owner would commission noted tree house expert, Pete Nelson, to construct the “Secret Garden” tree house that has been featured in numerous books, articles and TV shows. This amazing space is fully outfitted with power and is conditioned so that it can serve as a truly unique office, yoga retreat or play area, offering views over the entire yard and a cool respite on a hot summer afternoon.


Lawton Wood is one of Seattle’s most private and rarified communities, existing to the north of Discovery Park, on the Magnolia Bluff since the beginning of the 20th Century. It is comparable to The Highlands in the nearly complete level of privacy and natural tranquility that it affords its residents, and properties very rarely become available, as the community is small and close knit. In fact, it is not unusual for multiple generations of the same family to maintain residences in this delightful and low-key enclave. Lawton Wood’s location allows for an unsurpassed natural experience within the city, with Puget Sound accessible by every home and miles of Discovery Park trails at its doorstep. This is perhaps the ultimate retreat for those who desire a refined wilderness experience, but who require close proximity to all that Seattle’s business and cultural corridors have to offer.

This Lawton Wood estate represents a truly singular achievement of grace and beauty that has evolved through the loving ownership of a dedicated and small group of owners. Although it is an opulently appointed retreat, it manages to convey a rare sense of history and continuity. It is a grand residence on an acre of spectacular property, yet its simple palette of materials and low-slung architecture allow it to seamlessly blend with its surroundings and impress with a sublime modesty of form. This is a home in the truest and deepest sense of the word, and an ideal retreat for those seeking the ultimate distillation of the Northwest lifestyle and aesthetic.¬¬¬

+ 设计和宁静的杰作

A Masterpiece of Design and Tranquility 设计和宁静的杰作

Overview 概述

僻静、中央入口及宽敞的房间。该独特住宅拥有迷人的历史景观,在树林中建造了一个私人休闲空间,犹如一件艺术品,由精致细节巧妙构造的住宅。杉木板包裹,深檐壁板,遮挡阳光和雨水,并对访客给予最亲切的问候,住宅表现了一种谦虚和谐的感觉,四周被豪华规模和完美无瑕环绕。在建筑上,它引用了许多太平洋西北部的格调 -海岸原住民长屋的低悬格局,淳厚、质朴的材料及工艺美术移动的方法,强调了精心坐处和西北现代主义的遮蔽,以及日本建筑技术的细致。

住宅位于玉兰具有历史性的劳顿·伍德飞地,克拉默4334 号,恰当、有机和永恒是对该住宅的第一印象。这是一间慵懒,但不失优雅和高贵的住宅经过几代人的管理已发展成最高级别的住宅。在当今迭代中,该住宅代表着精心杰作之一,位于西雅图大都会地区,却享有与世隔绝的轻松和宁静,从入口到Discovery公园,它占据了其中一小块精美且被自然环境拥抱的土地。尽管距离西雅图市中心和South Lake Union仅有15分钟路程,但整间住宅却犹如乡间别墅,几乎看不到邻居,每一处都有其独特的自然平静和孤独感。如若其由。


Layout 布局








第三个也是最后一个区域为主套件,一个无与伦比的休息和享受点心的场所,映射到庄园中最美丽的种植园。长长的走廊通向主浴室和卧室,面向游泳池的落地窗和大门可透入暖暖地光线。大厅对面是精致的储存空间,隐藏在全高档门框之后,配有定制青铜五金件和装饰。主浴通向定制的巨型更衣室、橱柜和搁架,具与浴室的格调相搭配。 洗浴区周围设有定制的混凝土台面,下方设有大型化妆台,其坐落在浴缸对面。房间的终端设有一个配有多浴头淋浴室,并配有舒缓沐浴的多种座位选项。

主卧室宽敞,光线充足,三面环绕式窗户,在专属的拱形天花板下设有独立的休息区。虽然规模巨大,但房间的细心设计和氛围均以舒适和温馨为主 - 是周末阅读报纸的理想场所。法式门可方便通往庭院和游泳池区,房间间的距离确保了绝对的平和和宁静。


Grounds 庭园




后来的业主将其委托给指定树屋专家Pete Nelson,建造了在许多书籍、文章和电视节目中提及的“秘密花园”树屋。这个惊人的空间完全配备了电源和空调。使其可以作为一间真正独特的办公室、瑜伽休闲或游乐区,在炎热的夏天午后,您可以在院子里享受美好的时光。

Lawton Wood 劳顿·伍德

劳顿·伍德是西雅图最私人和最纯净的社区之一,现在位于Discovery公园北部,在二十世纪初的玉兰崖上。 它与高地相当,几乎完全隐私且可为居民提供自然的宁静。由于社区小而紧密,因此很少有出售的住宅。事实上,同一个家庭的多代人在这个令人愉快和低调的飞地中继续居住并不罕见。劳顿·伍德的位置使得居民可在城市内享受无与伦比的大自然体验,每个家庭都可以方便通往普吉特海湾,距离Discovery 公园的小径仅有几步之遥。 这可能是那些渴望体验荒野休闲,但又需要邻近西雅图所有的商业和文化走廊的人士的理想之选。